Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Heartbreak River by Tricia Mills

Heartbreak River is about a girl grieving about her recently deceased father, who died in a rafting accident just one year before the story takes place. Set in Colorado, Alexis has taken over her family's rafting business (Cooley Mountain Whitewater Rafting)and lives with her grandparents while her mother is away in Florida, still grieving for her husband. Alexis's grandparents have given her a shoulder to lean on throughout her grieving, while she stayed strong in order to provide a shoulder for her mother to lean on. 

After not speaking to each other for a year, Alex's longtime friend and ex boyfriend Sean comes to work at Cooley Mountain Whitewater Rafting for the summer. Alex (who was unaware that he was coming back) is shocked that her grandparents hired him, as they were oh so aware of Alex and Sean's big fallout last year after the accident. But, she can't help feeling regretful about the way things ended between them, nor can she fight her feelings of constant attraction for him. As Alex and Sean rekindle their friendship, Alex cannot help but want more. But, like many other annoying heroins, she is unaware that the feeling is mutual, and she tortures herself trying to figure out if he likes her back, or whether or not he forgives her for the horrible thing she said to him when they last saw each other.

Heartbreak River is not your typical YA Romance novel. Although it was mostly romance mixed in with a bit of grief, it also touched on some other [serious] issues such as: suicide, drinking, low self esteem, sex, and the effects of war. I recommend this book to anyone looking for a slightly predictable novel with a touch (or ten) of depth.

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