Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Not Summer Without You by Jenny Han

Synopsis: In this sequel to The Summer I Turned Pretty, Belly struggles with her seemingly unrequited feelings for Conrad, all the while balancing her grief for Susannah and her brand new feelings for Jeremiah. 

This one leaves readers salivating with hopeful anticipation for the third installment in the series. When I finished this book, I almost pulled my hair out. That's how impatient I was for the next book to come out. I have to say that all though Conrad was a jerk in this one, I was still disappointed when she ended up with Jeremiah. Which sucks, because Jeremiah deserved her more than Conrad. But, I found it pretty hard to deny that my--I mean Belly's--feelings for Conrad were pretty strong. I also couldn't ignore the gentle and loving way Conrad treated Belly during her flashbacks of their brief time as a couple, although he was prone to letting her down. His love for her seemed at first "hot and cold", to the point where it seemed to deteriorate little by little. Of course, us hopeless romantics (and Team Conrad members) were able to see right through his act. We knew that he was just hurting inside (as anyone who'd just experienced the lost of a parent should have been).

But, it was also hard to deny Jere's love for her, too. Especially with chapter's from his POV popping up everywhere and hitting you in the face. Which is why this novel drew some conflicting feelings and overall confusion from it's readers, thus resulting in my near temporary insanity and impatience for the next book. 

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